It’s that time of year where everyone is nice to each other and we exchange pleasantries and do festive things like… and this is only a recommendation: Drink heavily and then climb ladders and put up decorations outside the home, Drink heavily, decorate the inside of the home with a Christmas Tree and all of the ornamental fixtures and throw out the Yuletide slurs (If you have an ass hole neighbor) no names… Just sayin… because you’ve been drinking too much!  This has  been a tradition at my home for years!  Trust me… This type of behavior is not for everyone!  A couple of years ago, I did exactly what I just recommended to you… However, I just picked the wrong holiday… The 4th of July. (Hey, I was Drunk)  Now, either I’m a dumb ass OR a genius!  Where do you think the phrase of “Christmas In July” came from???  Okay then…
Please be careful drinking this Holiday Season… And if you do drink, stay where you’re at and let it wear off!  I need you guys to live long happy lives! We have a ton of stuff we’re putting out and I need all of my fans to be around to enjoy it!
Enjoy the Holiday Season!
Keep the comments and pictures rolling in!  Love to see where I’ve been with all of you and I can’t wit to create more fun times in the future!
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Happy Holidays!