I saw you for the 1st time last night and oh baby…you were great!! You’re the best comedian I’ve saw since Seinfeld!!! See you soon.
Looking Forward To Seeing Him Again, This Time At The Borgata. Basile Has Been On Our Radio Stations In The Past, The Shark, 103.7 & Kool 98.3 We Would Love To Have Him On Again Both Stations!
Joe, New Jersey, USA
Yasou Basile! Cannot begin to tell you what a great time we had at your show last weekend. A special “Thank You!” Cookie especially had a great time and it was great to see him let loose and have such a fun evening. He is a rather quiet type I guess due to the work he does on the force. He mentioned how taken he was with you and how he enjoyed both shows as did Suzan and Judy. As for me, what can I say? Even when I know what the punch line is going to be, I still laugh as if it were the first time I heard the joke.
John & Judy , South Carolina, USA
Hi Basile, you are so funny and my family and I love you. Are you planning on coming to NJ, NYC, or Philly anytime? I want to buy tickets!! I’d love to hear from you!
Despina, NJ, USA
I caught your show in Toronto a few years back (can’t remember which village-association sponsored it as I heard about it on the radio – I think it was at the (Metro Convention Centre). I loved it! You are really talented. The best thing about it was that you could entertain my generation (my brothers and cousins are all in the 16-34 range) as well as our parents and grandparents. That was a special night and we still talk about it. I hope you’ll be back in Toronto soon!
Natalie, Toronto, Canada
Hey Basile! I saw you at Kickers a couple weeks back. You are probably one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen, you rock! Schoolcraft forever!
Brizilla, Michigan, USA
I saw you a couple of years ago at my church and couldn’t stop laughing. I had heard your CD’s and brought a non-Greek friend of mine and she LOVED you. I really like the song “Get Your Kolo’s Started”, I went to Greece about two months before the Olympics in 2004 and they still weren’t done….all I could think was “Greek Time” WE LOVE YOU!”
Sarah, St. Louis, MO, USA
I had the pleasure of watching one of your DVDs-Growing Up Greek Two, and I have to tell you that I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time! Thank you for your hilarious sense of humor Basile. My Yiayia must have been related to yours. When I think of the kutalas she wore out on all of us and the one time she chased me up the steps (at age 85) with a metal spoon and got my elbow and played me like a tuning fork… anyway, I see that you are coming to the Improv in Y’bor City, here in Tampa. I will be there, with my Mother, daughter and a large group of friends of all ages. We’ll be the good looking Greeks running on Greek time and doing our best to behave.
Diane, Tampa, FL, USA
Yasou Basile, did your sound for you in good ole Merrillville, Indiana by the Swamp! April 2014 It was indeed a pleasure meeting you last week and an honor to do sound for you. This was a FANTASTIC show!!
John, Indiana, USA
Yassou re Vasili! Well done mate and keep up the good work! I first saw you on DVD Club in Cyprus. I’m an English Greek! I have all of your Greek DVD’s and I wish you every success! PLEASE come back to Cyprus!! Not to worry, there are thousands of English Greeks in Cyprus who can take the piss out of, and I’m sure that they would not miss Basile Live in Cyprus! Bye for now! Rgds, Nick Z… rgds, A great fan!
Nick, Cyprus
Saw Basile at Joey’s Comedy Club in Detroit! Great Show!!!! I worked for Greeks for 16 years, so I can relate. I’m a Chef at Motor city Casino in Detroit, and I’m close friends with a Greek from Buffalo. Thanks again and God Bless
John, Michigan, USA
I saw Basile at The Theater in Atlanta! Oh my God, what a show! I think I’m in love with Basile. He’s so funny and has a cute ass too.
Therese, Indiana, USA
I have seen every performance of Basile at the Comedy Cabana in Myrtle Beach, and laugh harder each time I go! They have many great acts there, but Basile is, by far, THE BEST!! I look forward to his next appearance.
Sharon, South Carolina, USA
We saw Basile at the Improv in Chicago/Shamburg! Just wanted to let you know that the New website is GREAT and Basile was awesome at the funny bone. We would LOVE to see him again. Thanks, Diane!!
Diane, Indiana, USA
Hey Basile, I was just saw your stand up performance In Denver, OH MY GOD, You made me laugh till I cried. Thanks for signing my shirt and making me laugh.
Therese, Denver, CO
Just returned from the OPA CRUISE. We (the “xeni” from GA) loved your performances and especially getting to know you better at the Q&A session. Looking forward to seeing you again. Hoping you will come to Atlanta area (Marietta) for our Philoptochos Fall Fundraiser in early November.
Linda, Woodstock, GA. USA
We love our Basile!!!
Cabana Girls, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
I feel like Erie and Basile have a special connection. I really hope he can come back to Erie soon. Please try to fit it in your schedule again. We miss you!
Josh, Erie, PA, USA
Had the most amazing time last night (23rd janat Basile’s London tour at the Mildfield theatre. I haven’t laughed for 2:5hours nonstop ever before. Thank you Basile for an amazing night. It was my cousin’s 50th birthday.
Marina, London, UK
Your show was outstanding and we will be at your next show when you come back to town. Thank you so much for the numerous belly-laughs we had during the show. You`re amazing !!
Dave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
Saw Basile at the Borgata with my wife this past week and he had us and everyone else on the floor laughing hard during his set. Won’t give anything away but he’s well worth seeing and if you can’t, buy his DVD’s for a great laugh. His general comedy show touches upon his Greek background, family etc. Can’t say anymore, but I used my wife’s last $20 bucks to buy a signed DVD, and then I started wing at the slots! This Greek funny guy is the best!!!
Bruce, White Plains, USA
I saw the show last night and I am still laughing. You are a must see! Can’t wait for the next show!
Mary Ann, Virginia, USA

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