Well, we finally we got my NEW WEB SITE up! Holy Crap… I never knew that I had to go broke and even negotiate a deal with Satin to finally get this thing up! I will be commenting on things that have gone somewhat awry in my career… Now before you give your day job to become a comedian… READ THIS FIRST!

DON’T DO IT! Working a menial job is a good thing… What I wouldn’t give to work my old job at McDonalds with set hours and regular pay and the only question that would be coming from my mouth would have been, “Would you like to Super Size that meal”? But OH NO… I had to have these big dreams of flying all over the world and to make complete strangers laugh, not only in English BUT in Greek too!

I live glamorous a life alright … My best friend, Leroy, is the Lost Luggage attendant, at the Airport… He knows me, my luggage and even my cell phone number. He calls me more than my own family!

Well, I hope you are enjoying my NEW WEB SITE and I look forward to posting things all about all about my life and upcoming shows and concerts.

You can always email me at

See you all soon!

Signing off and don’t leave your day job just yet…