Trick or Treat! Yea, good luck trying to find a costume big enough for my fat ass! You know, that was always an issue with me and finding that right costume… it never fit! Oh sure, you always found costumes that promoted “One Size Fits All”, but did it? HELL NO! I suppose the angst I have with Halloween began since I was a child, being Greek, my mother had no idea as to what Halloween was or what you were supposed to do. Instead of giving cheap candy out to kids who knocked at our door, she would bake. Who the hell gives out baked goods to little children? My mother! And what would she give??? Baklava! It was an embarrassment I had to deal with as a child and still to this day!

“Hey Basile, you remember when your Moma gave out that sticky candy that had the filo and nuts in it and it destroyed the rest of our candy in our bag”?

How could I forget… I suppose this is why on Halloween I drink a lot… I mean a LOT! I comment more on the mom’s that walk with their children than I do the kids costumes! Kids get cheap candy… and Moma gets a shot of what Daddy is drinking!!

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