Oh crap! Where the hell did Summer go? I swear it was here just a moment ago and then BOOM! She just disappeared like a fine looking woman on the beach in a slinky bikini walking away into the sunset. Oh well, here comes the NFL season and the end of Baseball Season and school is getting ready for the Fall… I can’t believe I said Fall! Wow, that also means I’m back to hit the work and to get ready for my upcoming tours throughout North America and Europe. Dates are shuffling for both types of shows (Greek and General Audience) shows that I perform.

But its also the season for sports!

Now I have to see who’s going to go to the World Series… I hope it’s the Indians or the Yankees! But with my luck this year… It will be a boring series like the Mets and Royals! I’ll try to go if I get tickets… we’ll see! Now as far as Cleveland Browns tickets… I can get them any time I want, for no one else wants them! See you soon and one of my shows!

So check out the New Web Site coming to you soon!

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Crap, I just saw Halloween decorations at a store! God save me!