Basile Unleashed


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Classic “Basile” material that will keep you in stiches! Lost somewhere in Detroit, Basile, in full detail discusses everything from White Castles to education to hunting, back to food, then on to his sisters pets… Trust me… you will be entertained and laughing as hard as the audience was. If you’re a comedy fan, then you’ll have to have this in your collection.

RATED: PG/PG-17 TRT: 1:00 General Audience Comedy


1. Detroit, MI (Opening)
2. Flying Into Lansing, MI
3. White Castles
4. Losing Weight
5. Women’s Weight Loss
6. College Students
7. Detroit, “The Cultural City”
8. Greek Art
9. Going To Greece
10. Religion And My Mother
11. Jesus “The Contractor”
12. Basile And the Outdoors
13. What Do You Hunt?
14. Duck Hunting With Bob
15. Dogs And Poker
16. Rottweilers
17. My Pet Fish
18. Bosco And Snowball
19. Cats
20. Dysfunctionality In My Family
21. Chucky Cheese And My Niece
22. We Be Toy’s
23. The Games We Played
24. Games For The Handicapped?
25. Porn Or Cartoons? (Closing)