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The Holidays Are Upon Us All

Well, look at you getting ready for the Christmas Season, Chanuka, Quanza, or whatever in the hell you celebrate.  You went shopping, (who’s BS’ing who), you went to your computer and started shopping a couple of hours after Thanksgiving dinner was over and began looking for the “Black Friday” sales, wait, can we even say “Black Friday” any longer?!  My God your fingers must be exhausted… How did you do it? Pulling out your wallet and pulling out your credit cards and pointing and clicking… Whew, I’m getting tired just thinking about it, that must have just about done you in for God’s sake!!  Look, the bottom line is this… enjoy your families and all of the festivities. Consider yourself lucky if you have family and friends to get you through the Holiday Season and try to do your best to bring in the New Year safely! It’s been a tough few years for all of us around the world and THANK GOD most of us are still here to enjoy it. So from me and my entire family, God Bless you and have a blessed Holiday Season & GREAT NEW YEAR!!


Welcome to September!

August has been a crazy month with hurricanes, earthquakes, a little bit of work and a whole lot of out of town guests.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. 

I think the time that many of us spent at home, since mid-March to now, has brought our families closer together.  In the beginning I thought that closeness, under these circumstances, under one roof, was not a good thing, but I have come to think that I was wrong! It’s something new and fun…

Now, the first thing I learned to do is to make coffee for my wife. To see her in the morning without coffee is not a pretty sight. To be quite honest, it scares the hell out of me! LOL

Then my youngest has a “Big Girl Job” as an eighth-grade teacher at a local Junior High School. That was something new. By the way, God save those children! What I’m trying to say is that we all need to try new things; so do our kids. September is like the beginning of the year. A new start, for schools, for churches and their ecclesiastical calendars, and even for families who have been somewhat in disarray due to the Pandemic. So, let’s take advantage of this new awakening and do something crazy like get out of this funk and begin the NEW with excitement and vigor! 

And Guys, if you want to get on your wife’s good side and make things smoother at home, learn to make coffee!  Holy Crap! My life got a whole lot better!

Welcome to the Basile Blog Blurb also known as The Triple B.

What a crazy week I had!  I started the week with Hurricane Isaias that hit and made landfall on August 3, Monday night at around 8:00 PMand then ended with an earthquake (5.1 Richter scale) on August 9th Sunday morning around 8:00 AM.  WTF!  Is this one of the signs that wasn’t mentioned of the original 15 signs of the Apocalyptic End that was published? The only thing that was missing was the Arch Angel Michael having a sword fight with the Seven Headed Beast under a firelit night with the planets and stars on fire!

OMG!!  My eldest daughter woke up in a tizzy, then ran to the front deck of our beach house, screaming why is the house shaking…  I was enjoying my morning coffee with my sister in law Argie.  We both looked at my daughter, thinking that she was nuts… “Didn’t you feel it, did you feel it”?  Now, I know my ass is not as small or as sensitive as it once was… just by an inch or… three, but JESUS!  How big did my ass get not to feel a 5.1 earthquake?  All in all, we fared well and there was no damage; thank God! 

But it made me think just how lucky we are to be alive, even in these days of crazy dilemmas that we face!  Political unrest, the Covid-19 Pandemic, schools with the uncertainty of whether to open or remain closed, and even the football season possibly being canceled for the year…  I suppose it’s times like these that make me happy to feel like I’m doing my part to help all of you cope by sharing my online levity Basile Fun Hours & Pinch Of Basile Podcast/Radio Show… let’s just say, it’s my honor to entertain you… Big ass and all!   

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Talk to you all next week!

The Triple B

Welcome to the first Basile Blog Blurb also known as The Triple B.  

I always wanted to write a blog, but I wasn’t too sure I could pull something like this off!  Given the time that I have on my hands, what the hell else was I going to do?

I’d like to reach out to all of you and I wish I could give you all a big hug! I know what you are going through. Medically, economically and socially… this is killing us all!  But like my Grandmother (Yiayia) would tell me in Greek, “What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger”.  

My job is to help you forget what you are going through with a bit of humor, either with my Radio Show/Podcast “A Pinch of Basile” on Tuesday nights or “Basile’s Fun Hour” on Friday Night.  If there is ever a time that we all need to laugh… It is now!!  

Hit The Triple B next week for a new, short but sweet update on this page of my web site  Don’t forget to check out ALL my Social Outlets at @BasileFans on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.