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Cabana Girls, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

“We love our Basile!!!”

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Josh, Erie, PA, USA

“I feel like Erie and Basile have a special connection. I really hope he can come back to Erie soon. Please try to fit it in your schedule again. We miss you!”

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Marina, London, UK

“Had the most amazing time last night (23rd janat Basile’s London tour at the Mildfield theatre. I haven’t laughed for 2:5hours nonstop ever before. Thank you Basile for an amazing night. It was my cousin’s 50th birthday.”

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Dave, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA

“Your show was outstanding and we will be at your next show when you come back to town. Thank you so much for the numerous belly-laughs we had during the show. You`re amazing !!”

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Bruce, White Plains, USA

“Saw Basile at the Borgata with my wife this past week and he had us and everyone else on the floor laughing hard during his set. Won’t give anything away but he’s well worth seeing and if you can’t, buy his DVD’s for a great laugh. His general comedy show touches upon his Greek background, […]

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Mary Ann, Virginia, USA

“I saw the show last night and I am still laughing. You are a must see! Can’t wait for the next show! “

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Well, we finally we got my NEW WEB SITE up! Holy Crap… I never knew that I had to go broke and even negotiate a deal with Satin to finally get this thing up! I will be commenting on things that have gone somewhat awry in my career… Now before you give your […]

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It’s that time of year where everyone is nice to each other and we exchange pleasantries and do festive things like… and this is only a recommendation: Drink heavily and then climb ladders and put up decorations outside the home, Drink heavily, decorate the inside of the home with a Christmas Tree and all of the ornamental fixtures and […]

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Trick or Treat! Yea, good luck trying to find a costume big enough for my fat ass! You know, that was always an issue with me and finding that right costume… it never fit! Oh sure, you always found costumes that promoted “One Size Fits All”, but did it? HELL NO! I suppose the angst […]

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Oh crap! Where the hell did Summer go? I swear it was here just a moment ago and then BOOM! She just disappeared like a fine looking woman on the beach in a slinky bikini walking away into the sunset. Oh well, here comes the NFL season and the end of Baseball Season and school […]

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