The Holidays Are Upon Us All

Well, look at you getting ready for the Christmas Season, Chanuka, Quanza, or whatever in the hell you celebrate.  You went shopping, (who’s BS’ing who), you went to your computer and started shopping a couple of hours after Thanksgiving dinner was over and began looking for the “Black Friday” sales, wait, can we even say “Black Friday” any longer?!  My God your fingers must be exhausted… How did you do it? Pulling out your wallet and pulling out your credit cards and pointing and clicking… Whew, I’m getting tired just thinking about it, that must have just about done you in for God’s sake!!  Look, the bottom line is this… enjoy your families and all of the festivities. Consider yourself lucky if you have family and friends to get you through the Holiday Season and try to do your best to bring in the New Year safely! It’s been a tough few years for all of us around the world and THANK GOD most of us are still here to enjoy it. So from me and my entire family, God Bless you and have a blessed Holiday Season & GREAT NEW YEAR!!