Welcome to the Basile Blog Blurb also known as The Triple B.

What a crazy week I had!  I started the week with Hurricane Isaias that hit and made landfall on August 3, Monday night at around 8:00 PMand then ended with an earthquake (5.1 Richter scale) on August 9th Sunday morning around 8:00 AM.  WTF!  Is this one of the signs that wasn’t mentioned of the original 15 signs of the Apocalyptic End that was published? The only thing that was missing was the Arch Angel Michael having a sword fight with the Seven Headed Beast under a firelit night with the planets and stars on fire!

OMG!!  My eldest daughter woke up in a tizzy, then ran to the front deck of our beach house, screaming why is the house shaking…  I was enjoying my morning coffee with my sister in law Argie.  We both looked at my daughter, thinking that she was nuts… “Didn’t you feel it, did you feel it”?  Now, I know my ass is not as small or as sensitive as it once was… just by an inch or… three, but JESUS!  How big did my ass get not to feel a 5.1 earthquake?  All in all, we fared well and there was no damage; thank God! 

But it made me think just how lucky we are to be alive, even in these days of crazy dilemmas that we face!  Political unrest, the Covid-19 Pandemic, schools with the uncertainty of whether to open or remain closed, and even the football season possibly being canceled for the year…  I suppose it’s times like these that make me happy to feel like I’m doing my part to help all of you cope by sharing my online levity Basile Fun Hours & Pinch Of Basile Podcast/Radio Show… let’s just say, it’s my honor to entertain you… Big ass and all!   

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