Well, we finally we got my NEW WEB SITE up! Holy Crap… I never knew that I had to go broke and even negotiate a deal with Satin to finally get this thing up! I will be commenting on things that have gone somewhat awry in my career… Now before you give your day job to become a comedian… READ THIS FIRST!

DON’T DO IT! Working a menial job is a good thing… What I wouldn’t give to work my old job at McDonalds with set hours and regular pay and the only question that would be coming from my mouth would have been, “Would you like to Super Size that meal”? But OH NO… I had to have these big dreams of flying all over the world and to make complete strangers laugh, not only in English BUT in Greek too!

I live glamorous a life alright … My best friend, Leroy, is the Lost Luggage attendant, at the Airport… He knows me, my luggage and even my cell phone number. He calls me more than my own family!

Well, I hope you are enjoying my NEW WEB SITE and I look forward to posting things all about all about my life and upcoming shows and concerts.

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See you all soon!

Signing off and don’t leave your day job just yet…



It’s that time of year where everyone is nice to each other and we exchange pleasantries and do festive things like… and this is only a recommendation: Drink heavily and then climb ladders and put up decorations outside the home, Drink heavily, decorate the inside of the home with a Christmas Tree and all of the ornamental fixtures and throw out the Yuletide slurs (If you have an ass hole neighbor) no names… Just sayin… because you’ve been drinking too much!  This has  been a tradition at my home for years!  Trust me… This type of behavior is not for everyone!  A couple of years ago, I did exactly what I just recommended to you… However, I just picked the wrong holiday… The 4th of July. (Hey, I was Drunk)  Now, either I’m a dumb ass OR a genius!  Where do you think the phrase of “Christmas In July” came from???  Okay then…
Please be careful drinking this Holiday Season… And if you do drink, stay where you’re at and let it wear off!  I need you guys to live long happy lives! We have a ton of stuff we’re putting out and I need all of my fans to be around to enjoy it!
Enjoy the Holiday Season!
Keep the comments and pictures rolling in!  Love to see where I’ve been with all of you and I can’t wit to create more fun times in the future!
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Happy Holidays!



Trick or Treat! Yea, good luck trying to find a costume big enough for my fat ass! You know, that was always an issue with me and finding that right costume… it never fit! Oh sure, you always found costumes that promoted “One Size Fits All”, but did it? HELL NO! I suppose the angst I have with Halloween began since I was a child, being Greek, my mother had no idea as to what Halloween was or what you were supposed to do. Instead of giving cheap candy out to kids who knocked at our door, she would bake. Who the hell gives out baked goods to little children? My mother! And what would she give??? Baklava! It was an embarrassment I had to deal with as a child and still to this day!

“Hey Basile, you remember when your Moma gave out that sticky candy that had the filo and nuts in it and it destroyed the rest of our candy in our bag”?

How could I forget… I suppose this is why on Halloween I drink a lot… I mean a LOT! I comment more on the mom’s that walk with their children than I do the kids costumes! Kids get cheap candy… and Moma gets a shot of what Daddy is drinking!!

Check out my NEW Web Site coming soon… So say my web professionals!

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See you soon and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!



Oh crap! Where the hell did Summer go? I swear it was here just a moment ago and then BOOM! She just disappeared like a fine looking woman on the beach in a slinky bikini walking away into the sunset. Oh well, here comes the NFL season and the end of Baseball Season and school is getting ready for the Fall… I can’t believe I said Fall! Wow, that also means I’m back to hit the work and to get ready for my upcoming tours throughout North America and Europe. Dates are shuffling for both types of shows (Greek and General Audience) shows that I perform.

But its also the season for sports!

Now I have to see who’s going to go to the World Series… I hope it’s the Indians or the Yankees! But with my luck this year… It will be a boring series like the Mets and Royals! I’ll try to go if I get tickets… we’ll see! Now as far as Cleveland Browns tickets… I can get them any time I want, for no one else wants them! See you soon and one of my shows!

So check out the New Web Site coming to you soon!

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Crap, I just saw Halloween decorations at a store! God save me!



Oh my GOD!  It’s Hot As Hell here!!  I’m cooking crap in my pants, a little Crotch Pot Cooking goes a long way!  So I’m in Greece for a family vacation and IT was more like work, I have never sweat like this before or made to do things that I dont want to do!  What have I done to deserve this?  Did I loose a bet in a previous life?  Have I pissed off all of the Greek Gods?  Did I promise something to Zeus and didn’t deliver?  NO!  I said to the family, “let’s have a fun time in Greece…” not knowing the country was going bankrupt while I was there all at the same time!
I could only take out the equivalent of $75.00 a day from the ATM’s… Holy crap, I eat $75.00 of food in the morning!  I was wasting away to nothing!  Okay, that’s a bit farfetched, but you know what I’m saying!
I love Greece and I know they’ll get out of this mess and I hope to go back this Easter or Summer?  But I need more food!  Thanks God my mother and Grandmother were there at the same time and fed me.  They say that they loved having me with them in Greece… I was happy to have a free meal!  That was what I call a REAL HAPPY MEAL!
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Keep cool!