My sister an I were at the show Sunday night at the Tropicana Las Vegas. I have not laughed so hard in forever. Great great show and hope to see you when you are next in the Chicago area
Eleni, Illinois, USA
Hi there, any idea when Basile is going to be in London? I didn’t get the chance to see him last time! Also, where in the world can you buy the Growing up Greek DVD in London? Is there a website I can order it from? That delivers to the UK? ANS. You can easily download right from our site here at
Nikos, London, UK
Basile was fantastic! I still can’t believe a guy this talented appeared in Syracuse. I would definitely travel to different cities to see him again. AWESOME!
Kari, New York, USA
Hello Basile. This is the BEST DVD you’ve done to date! My wife laughed so hard she fell off the couch! I thought your comments working the festival after you perform was hilarious (and true!) Keep on making us laugh. I hope we can see you live someday. We’ll watch your schedule on the web.
John & Tina , Toronto, Canada
Hey! I am just wandering if you will ever be at the Funny Bone in Richmond, Virginia?? I just saw your show at Myrtle Beach (Comedy Cabana) and loved it!! You are hilarious!! We are still laughing at things you said 2 weeks later. I was with 7 of my friends. Thanks!
Kim, Virginia, USA
Dear Basile, over the weekend I saw for the first time your DVD “Growing Up Greek In America”. Man, my 6 year old boy was telling me to stop laughing so much. I am Greek-Australian and everything you said was so true. When I was at primary school my mum put in my lunch box halva and he kids at school told me I was eating sand cake. I never took it again. Keep up the good work Basile and once again you made my day.
Connie, Australia
I saw you in Pittsburgh tonight at the IMPROV and you were terrific. I was extremely impressed with your singing of the Aladdin song! Did you sing that song in the movie? You have a fan forever!
Todd, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
I just watched your DVD III, mate, I swear, you are the funniest Ellina I have ever seen!!
Nick, Melbourne, Australia
Basile’s act was one of the funniest comedy shows I have seen in a long time. There are only 2 other comedians that made me laugh that hard and those are Bill Cosby and Robin Williams, it is a great show and I will be seeing it again.”
Joe, Youngstown, OH, USA
I was listening to you on XM’s ch-150 and loved your “Rottweiler” skit. Which of your albums has that skit on it? I look forward to hearing more of you soon. ANS: Kurt, thanks brother! It’s from my DVD “A Pinch Of Basile” and you can easily download it right from here on Thanks again! Basile
Kurt, California, USA
I love your work! And how us Greeks can make Jesus come back to life twice in one year!! Haha!
Keep up the good work!
Kristen, Greece
Saw you at Kickers in Livonia, you were freaking awesome!!!! You sang that song like it was your own! Will keep coming back to see your show as well as bringing friends!!!!
Tonja, Michigan, USA
Hi Basile, A large number of us came to see you when you performed in London last year and we were amazed. You are truly a star!
Panayiotis, London, UK
I just wanted to say to you I seen your show in Houston at the Laffspot and you were the best we have seen there! I hope to see you in Houston again! Come to the IMPROV!!
Chris, Texas, USA
Hi Basile, I just wanted to find out where I can purchase any of your stand-up comedy acts? I hear that you have a lot of Greeks in Hysterics therefore I was wandering if you can give me information where to get your CD’s etc… ANS. You can get all of our products on line and shipped directly to you or you can download them right from our site!
Paul, Australia
Are you coming back to CT anytime soon? Please?! Those of us that saw you last time at Mohegan Sun can’t wait for you to come back so we can bring all of our friends! They bring the same old comics that have the same BS material. Yours is something that we haven’t seen before! Just fantastic!
Tai, Connecticut, USA
Hey Basile!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you last night at Thailan Hall. I laughed so damn hard I cried all my eye makeup off. I was embarrassed to talk to you because my eyes were all puffy from tearing up I had laughed so hard. Keep up the good work. You are my favorite comedian! I adore you.
Barbara, North Carolina, USA
Yes… I love your Greek Comedy shows, when are you going to produce a new one? I’m Greek as well and they’re so funny. Will you ever be in Kansas City?
Anthony, Missouri, USA
Hi, I caught your show in Columbia some years back and just recently found out that you were in Myrtle Beach at the Comedy Cabana, we called and got our tickets… you are the greatest! I must say, thanks for the wonderful lap dance/crouch to the face it was brilliant. Myself I never realized what a dirty song “Friend Like Me” was. Anyway loved the show keep up the great work.
Darrell, South Carolina, USA
Hi Basile! HAPPY EASTER!!! Oh yeah I forgot, I already wished you kali Anastasi. Oh well, HRONIA POLLA! I PURCHASED THE DVD GROWING UP GREEK III. It was GREAT! But my favourite though is still the Boston DVD # II. Any plans to release no. IIII? I’m hoping and praying!! I also purchased your CD’s “Hey Yia-Yia” and “Men in skirts”. Hilarious. Oh and Bas, thank you for not being a psilo miti. (Stuck up) Thank you for being down to earth and normal, and for replying to my email as you always do.
Rena, Melbourne, Australia
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